about the work

Posted on August 2, 2016

My work is based on feelings for colour and the emotive response to colour.

I use geometry and pattern as a means of animating the canvas: an armature on which to build the colours.   Linear systems are used simply as a basis – the effect of colour is by far the most important factor. The geometry is fairly simple, and the hope is that some sort of poetic meaning will float free of this framework.

I like to feel closely involved with the material properties of paint; it is never simply a means to an end. Although oil paint is a laborious medium, it has the ability to be so many things – a deep luminosity being its main virtue.

Only experience teaches me how to develop a pictorial idea, which may start with something as simple as a square of colour; it is only by making and doing (and un-doing) that I can find my way to something approaching a satisfactory result.

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